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Typically the aim of a pension scheme is that it runs efficiently, effectively and provides good outcomes for all members. 

We are here to provide completely impartial, independent financial advice to members to allow them to make informed decisions for their financial future. 


For many employers providing advice and guidance to its employees is simply part of being an employer. For some it is more specific and often related to Defined Benefits Pensions and the regulatory requirements to provide members with assistance and advice.

The Retirement Adviser provides advice to hundreds of household names and advises over 10,000 members each year.


As a Trustee your main focus is looking after the pension membership’s best interest. In most cases this means helping members get the most value from their Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit pension plans.

This could be as complex as pension transfer advice or as simple as some guidance on investment choices. Either way we can assist.

It is important for trustees to be involved in the selection process of the firm providing financial advice and understand how your members will be advised. Vast differences in IFA service levels and charges exist, so your involvement is key.

The Retirement Adviser can assist in a variety of Defined Benefit Schemes including Pension Increase Exchange (PIE), Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV), Flexible Retirement Option (FRO) and PPF Guidance.

The advice we provide is free to the member and is typically paid for by the scheme sponsor and is completely independent of the scheme and trustees.

The key question was 'Would we be happy for our own grandmother to speak to them?' The answer was a definite 'Yes'.

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