Chris Larby
Head of TRA


Chris’ career in Financial Services began as an administrator with Wentworth Rose in 2003. Chris became a qualified Adviser in 2006 and has specialised in pensions and retirement planning his entire career.

Chris joined LEBC Group in 2009 and later became a Senior Project Manager in 2015, assisting the various Project Managers.

Chris has over 13 years experience in the Financial Services Industry. He provides personal financial planning advice concerning retirement options.

Professional Qualifications

  • Pension Transfer Specialist

  • Diploma in Financial Planning

    - CF8 Certificate in Long Term Care

    - CF9 Pension Simplification

    - JO5 Pension Income Options

    - JO4 Pension Funding Options

    - AF3 Pension Planning

Service Areas

  • Retirement Planning


Chris enjoys cycling, running and general keep-fit and has a keen interest in travel and the outdoors.